Quinn Tolosa * Puppybreath

Hera: You in 3 words

Quinn: crazy sexy cool?

Where does the name Puppybreath come from?

I found a journal from elementary school that had a page titled “band name ideas” and the only one on the list was PUPPYBREATH. It made me laugh and I felt like I couldn’t let the idea die just because I have no musical talent.

Favorite part about your craft

I like things that look like mistakes which was sort of problematic working in the design world so it's been really fun to experiment by hand with different mediums or found objects and then use my design skills to bring them together on the computer.

Most difficult part

Being stuck inside all day

What you like about working with your chosen medium/materials

Using my hands

Local, women-run businesses or women artists you are loving right now

 I'm a sucker for print and my friend Christie just opened an amazing bookstore in Cypress Park called  Oof Books - it's such an incredibly well curated space and collection, I'm so stoked to have it around. 

Pump up jam you listen to while working in your office/studio

Lately it's been Wild Thoughts ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

One sentence of advice to a lady trying to start her own business

We are each other's best resources; surround yourself with other hard-working, badass females and don't be afraid to ask questions!

What dog breed r u 

Chow Chow

 Fav thing about being (a fellow) Filipina (wooop)

My inherent need and ability to feed everyone..also, I'm 900% sure we have the cutest babies so I guess that's something to look forward to.

What's next for Puppybreath?

I've been working really hard to develop textiles!