Vanesa Corbala Stutz * Polkadot Peanut Parade

Photo by fellow Hera Babe  Cristina Dunlap

Photo by fellow Hera Babe Cristina Dunlap

Hera: You in 3 words

Vanesa: Creative, space-case, perfectionist

What got you into doll making

I made a doll for my daughter then realized I could turn this craft into a business. 

Favorite part about your craft

The part where my imagination turns into a tangible thing. I love to see my designs and creations come to life.

Most difficult part

All the parts that aren't creative. The business side is not my forte and to be honest, I hate it. 

What you like about working with your chosen medium/materials

Ever since I could remember I've been fascinated by prints, colors and textiles. I grew up around this stuff because my parents have owned an upholstery business my entire life. I still almost get butterflies and sometimes anxiety from going into a fabric store and thinking there's not enough time to take it all in and pick the right one. I think this is maybe a little crazy but it's true. I love textiles! Yes I do! 

Local, women-run businesses or women artists you are loving right now

Marais and Bliss and Mischief

Pump up jam you listen to while working in your office/studio

When I want to listen to music I just tell Alexa to play all the Fleetwood Mac she knows 'cause I'm a '70s babe at ❤️   But more often than not, while I'm working, I'm listening to true crime podcasts like Sword and Scale and My Favorite Murder. I guess some would think there's something a little demented about listening to the horrific details of murderous crimes while making gifts for children but I just can't stop. I'm addicted! 

Who's your favorite doll (I won't tell the others)

I would have to say I love the first party hat doll I ever made. She's so mad. I keep trying to replicate her and her grumpiness but I just can't seem to get it right! But then I did once make a pickle wearing a rainbow t-shirt with tube socks and converse on its feet. So, I dunno.. maybe that one is my favorite? 

One sentence of advice to a lady trying to start her own business

Be OK with the downs because without them the ups wouldn't be so great. 

Plans for the future?

I want to grow my business into children's wear and womenswear. Also, figure out a way to see the world, maybe not in that order.