Shiloh Schneider * Stardust Ceramix * House Slytherin

Hera: Describe yourself in one word

Shiloh: DORQUE

What got you into ceramics

I had to add more art credits in college to graduate so took ceramix then got back into it a year ago by randomly signing up for a class.

Favorite part about your craft

Getting messy enough to not be able to answer phone/textz/social mediaz -then completely go mind blank and focus on the clay. So, basically I black out.

Most difficult part

Being patient and letting go of stuff bc a lot can go wrong in the process of making a piece.

What you like about working with your chosen medium/materials

I love how it's all clay but changes shape throughout the whole process and turnz into something recognizable. Dirt ---ACCIO CUP! 

Most satisfying piece you've ever made

Er... maybe in class when I threw my first legit vessel that could be fired and hold coffee.

Local, women-run businesses or women artists you are loving right now

Rosie Brand  & Hellen Jo

Pump up jam you listen to while working in the studio

MuggleCast Podcast, Twin Peaks Rewatch Podcast, and A Twin Peaks Podcast: A Podcast about Twin Peaks. If you can't tell already, I'm a nerd.  On music dayz I've been liking Bush Tetras, Talk Talk, and Oingo Boingo. I can't listen to my more aggressive power metal like DragonForce or I will ruin all that I throw that day.

Kill, Fuck, Marry: Agent Cooper, Agent Mulder, Professor Snape

KILL ME BC TOO HARD! I volunteer for tribute! Ok ok ok I'll play by the rules this one time. 

Kill: Agent Dale Cooper sorry!! Fuck: Foxy Mulder (first season with glasses)  Marry: Professor Snape I want full access to that Potions room and Hogwarts

One sentence of advice to a lady trying to start her own business

Forget about everyone else who is "Already doing it" because no one is you and no one can create exactly what you will create.

When can we buy your pieces online!

Still working on making enough pieces to sell!! A few will be available to purchase in August at Harbor Salon in Silverlake :) 

A lil stardust

A lil stardust