Sara Ekua Todd * EKUA Ceramics

Hera: You in 3 words

Sara: Creative, open-minded, tasteful.

Favorite part about your craft

The tactility of clay, I love that I’m making something that comes from mother earth and transform it into a object or a vessel. Also the moment you open the kiln is very exciting every time, it feels like Christmas!

Most difficult part

Time management! I’m not the fastest potter, I like things to be as perfect as I can get them to be (although they aren’t) and that just takes some extra time. I’m not a perfectionist but I like straight lines and geometry. 

Local, women-run businesses or women artists you are loving right now

My dear friend Tania Enriquez is always an inspiration check out her jewelry/objects line fixed-air! I love what the Day Space Night girls are doing. Also Peacock & Co here in Long Beach, amazing to see how Stephanie’s business has grown over the years. Gotta give a shout out to my studio pals! Eloise Ceramics, Sara Pilchman, Salamat Ceramics (Hera Babe!) and Nancy Tang, they’re all amazing! I have so many talented friends it would be a really long list!

Pump up jam you listen to while working in your office/studio

Lately I’ve been listening to horror podcasts, I’m really into crime and creepy stories! But music wise I always have SolangeSampha, Kelela, Hugh Masekela, Joao Gilberto, lots of electronica and the occasional Japanese punk on rotation. Also my Spotify daily mixes are pretty spot on.

One sentence of advice to a woman trying to start her own business

Discipline and hard work. Be honest with yourself and ask for help when it’s needed. 

What you miss most about Belgium

I didn’t realize this until recently but I miss certain foods and the Belgian supermarkets. Also public transportation and walking. Oh and of course fashion… the stocksales and the vintage designer stores.

What you like most about living here

Oh man the variety of food is amazing here! There’s always something happening (although Long Beach is always in it’s own little bubble). Living by the water even though I don’t go to the beach very often I do appreciate it a lot. Meeting interesting people, this city is so big it’s amazing!

Fun Facts:

•I went to an art high school and I hated my sculpture class but now I make ceramics… pretty funny.

•I am also a photographer.

•I speak 4 languages!

•I sing a lot and recorded some songs in a studio when I was a teenager. My dad was a musician/writer who worked and toured with Miriam Makeba and Hugh Masekela (both African musicians that fought apartheid).

For more of Sara, check out her website + follow her on Instagram