Yasmine Diaz * Artist

   Photo credit:  Rohina Gandhi-Hoffman


Photo credit: Rohina Gandhi-Hoffman

Hera: You in 3 words

Yasmine: Crafty. Aggressive. Honest

Favorite part about your craft

Lately, it's exploring new territories and ditching the comfort zone.

Most difficult part

Getting personal. I recently did an autobiographical series for the first time,  prior to that I had never talked my background in my work. I grew up knowing an arranged marriage I was to have no choice in was in my future.  I refused to accept that fate but I ended up being estranged from most of my family for years.  It was both terrifying and liberating to finally share this in my work.

What you like about working with your chosen medium/materials

Working with collage has really loosened my practice. When I was oil painting, my process was much more deliberate and intentional. There's something about collage work that has made me feel less attached to materials and therefore allowed for more spontaneity in the process, something I very much needed.

Local, women-run businesses or women artists you are loving right now

LA is hot with super talented artists. Rema Ghuloum, Suné Woods, Njideka Akunyili Crosby, and Genevieve Gaignard. Check them out!

Pump up jam you listen to while working in your office/studio

Today it's: Makeba by Jain

Influences/inspiration for your work

I've always loved coming of age stories and the feeling of nostalgia. For a long time though there was a dearth of these stories in film told from the female perspective. I've been especially inspired by female filmmakers such as Haifa Al-Mansour (WADJDA), Denize Gamze (MUSTANG), and Marielle Heller (DIARY OF A TEENAGE GIRL) who have each done amazing jobs telling the types of stories we don't often see, they're honest, charming, raw, and powerful. 

Random facts:

Years ago, I sold my car and everything I owned and moved to Argentina for a year. Didn't know a soul there.

I was once the drummer in an indie-rock band. 

For a few years I was crazy obsessive about salsa dancing, going out multiple nights a week and traveling to salsa conventions. 

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